Valentine card tutorial

Looking for ideas to make that special card for your loved ones? We have come up with a unique card idea that anyone would love to receive on Valentine 's Day!
This card is easy for those who know how to crochet. However, only some basic stitches are used to make this card so, any newbie can also give it a try.

To make this Valentine's Day card you will need

  • Thick card stock ( preferably handmade paper)
  • Scale
  • Red coloured yarn
  • Crochet hook
  • Wide eyed Needle
  • Glue
Valentine Card Tutorial



Cut the card stock in desired size and fold it from the middle. We want to make the crocheted border of the card. So, to make the foundation we need to make holes across the front part of the card. Use needle and make holes at every centimetre. Using red yarn make blanket stitches along the front part of card. You can view this video on how to make blanket stitch on card stock.

Valentine Card Tutorial

Figure 1.1

Now, we will make a simple crochet border on the top of our blanket stitch. Make sure you start from the top left corner of the front part of the card ( See figure 1.2).

Valentine's Day Card Tutorial

Figure 1.2

Make a slip knot on the crochet hook and insert the hook in the first blanket stitch(part1 of Figure 1.3).

Valentine's Day Card tutorial

Figure 1.3


Yarn over and pull the yarn through the blanket stitch. Now, you have two loops on the hook (part2 of the Figure 1.3). Yarn over again (part3 of Figure 1.3). Pull both the loops from the hook( part4 of the Figure 1.3). Finally you should have one loop on the hook. Repeat two such single crochet stitches in each blanket stitch. Crochet heart embellishments of your choice. We found this easy crocheted heart pattern and made these two heart embellishments.

Valentines Card tutorial

Figure 1.4

Using a pencil write a message with broad font size. It can be 'To my Valentine', "Be Mine" or "Happy Valentine's day". Using the needle pirce holes gently over the letters that you have written on the card leaving equal space between them. Using red yarn on wide eyed needle sew the letters neatlly. Make sure you watch this video on making a stitched card if you are doing it for the first time.

Valentines card tutorial

Figure 1.5

Finally just glue heart embellishments on the card. Your very special DIY Valentine's day card is ready!

Valentines card tutorial

Figure 1.6


You can be creative with many other card making tools like stickers, stencils, rubber stamps and glitter!

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