Ideas for making Clay Christmas ornaments

Clay Christmas ornaments are easy to make and look gorgeous on indoor or even outdoor Christmas tree! For best results you can use polymer clay. You can even reuse them for many years to come. Lets share this fun of making homemade Christmas ornaments!

Take a lump of polymer clay and make a long cylindrical shape by rolling it in-between both the hands. Take another colour of polymer clay and roll another cylindrical shape or a snake. Now, twist two cylindrical shapes with different colour and roll it again to make candy cane like swirls. Make a spiral shape also called “Koru” a sign of new life, strength, growth and peace. Use floral wire to make a loop to hang it on the Christmas tree. Clay ornaments
Clay ornaments Using a rolling pin flatten a lump of polymer clay. Use cookie cutter to cut a round shape out polymer clay. Now take any shaped stamp. Here we used a heart shaped stamp on the circle. Using a toothpick make some dots around the heart. At the top make a tiny hole so you can tie a ribbon and hang it on Christmas tree easily. You can simply use a heart shaped cookie cuttercookie cutter .



Very simple yet elegant clay Christmas ornament can be made by using stencils. Flatten a lump of polymer clay using rolling pin. Using stencil gently press different alphabets one by one and form words like noel, peace or joy. Carefully cut the rectangular shape surrounding the word. Make sure you leave enough space to make tiny holes to pass a wire or ribbon to hang the ornament on the tree.  
Clay ornaments If you have air drying clay you can do much more variety of crafty things combined with clay. Make any desired shape out of clay and push some crystal beadscrystal beads or even leftover sequins to make a shining ornament.



Little snowman ornament was so easy to make. Just make two balls of polymer clay and stake them on each other. Now, make a cone shape and stake it on the top. Attach a tiny clay ball at the end of cone shape to make a santa cap. Make a thin strip of clay and cover the base of the cone shaped cap to make it more realistic. Another thin strip can be used to make muffler. Tiny clay balls word so well to make a nose and little eyes of this cute snowman.

Clay ornaments
clay ornaments Click here to view this inspirational picture tutorial for making teddy bear on flickr

We love your comments. Let us know what type of clay Christmas ornaments you made this season!