Picture tutorial on kid’s paper snowflakes

Everyone loves snowflakes! Let your kids express their love for snow and snowflakes by making paper snowflakes. You can make paper snowflakes garlands and hang them on kids room to setup a mental like scene with other holiday objects. You can even spray paint them or jazz up paper snowflakes with some iridescent glitter! Paper snowflakes look great on glass windows.

kids paper snowflake There are many different ways of making paper snowflakes and thousands of ideas on cutting paper snowflakes on the web. However, cutting a perfect paper snowflake with six sides needs a little patience and a few techniques.



Let’s start making paper snowflakes.

Take any square paper according to the size of snowflake you need. Here square from an A4 size paper is used.

Fold the paper in half as shown in the picture below.


kids paper snowflakes

Figure 1.1

Now, fold the paper from one side and then the other side by making triangles at 60 degree. You can simply do it by focusing on the overlaping triangles carefully.

kids paper snowflakes

Figure 1.2


kids paper snowflakes

Figure 1.3

Press the edges of paper that is forming a triangle.

To understand more clearly how your paper snowflake is taking shape you can just unfold your paper. You can clearly see a perfect six sides. You can simply highlight them with a pencil and scale.

paper snowflakes

Figure 1.4

Now, carefully fold back the paper as it wa(Refer Figure 1.3). Finally fold the triangle in half as shown in Figure 1.5


kids paper snowflakes

Figure 1.5

Now, we need to draw shape of our paper snowflake fern like lines roughly.Remember this is the only part of paper snowflake that we need.Rest of paper we don't need so, we will cut it off.

kids paper snowflakes

Figure 1.6

Most websites suggest cutting paper snowflakes using scissors. However, we suggest to use sharp cutter like pen knife.

kids paper snowflakes

Figure 1.7

Cut around the snowflake fern design that you have make. Keep cutting the paper layer by layer and remove unwanted part of paper gently.

kids paper snowflakes

Figure 1.8

Finally you will be left with a structure that will be similar to Figure 1.9


Kids paper snowflakes

Figure 1.9

Unfold the paper carefully and your own perfect looking paper snowflake is ready!

kids paper snowflakes